PrimeOne Products/Services

PrimeOne Node Bundle

This bundle will provide a PrimeOne Virtual and PrimeOne Node mobile app

PrimeOne City Development Bundle

This bundle is for those interested in Smart City development.

It includes a city development license, PrimeOne TV and a PrimeOne Node bundle.

PrimeOne Home App

A PrimeOne mobile app used to geo-identify your hubs/gateways on our network at your home.

Use PrimeOne Node Bundle for multiple hubs/gateways outside the home.

PrimeOne Team Lead Bundle

This bundle gets you the PrimeOne Team Lead service and PrimeOne TV premium service.

PrimeOne TV

Premium streaming TV service

Included for free in the PrimeOne Team Lead Bundle

PrimeOne Chat
PrimeOne Uulala Card

Activation and first year annual fee for the PrimeOne Uulala Card.

* Physical or Virtual Payment Card

* Secure & Fast Bill Payment

* Build Your Credit

PrimeOne Health Passport

Control your health information, vaccine certifications, etc.